Hey and happy new year everyone! My years eve were oright, started the evening of with food at Mattes place. More people pooped up before we went down to see the fireworks and then the evening kept on going.

Worked the rest of the week and during the weekend have I finally been sorting out my apartment a bit. Reorganized everything and cleaning every little corner, made stuff going from black back to brown, brown back to whit etc. Haha can u imagine for how long some things haven’t been cleaned for??? Uh.

Also started to look for some new jobs, which I should had done for a long time ago but I haven’t really seen the reason for it. I’m not happy at my job but I’m not really happy in Sweden overall anyway. I need a sun to keep myself actual happy, there’s no sun here during the most time of the year. But anyway, then I realized like “why am I making it even worse for myself?” I mean the least I can do is to get myself a job I’m happy about. Well I’m done rambling, gnight. XOXO


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