Hamburg pt. 1

Long time no see! As usual.. tihi. I´ve actually been on my way to start blogging again many, many, many times since my last post here. I have started up new blogs and blogged at old ones. I´ve wanted to start blogging again for a while now but wanned to wait until things became a little bit more calm. I mean my life is really damn boring atm and I´ve just moved to Morgongåva, a place with like 1000 citenzies and I dont know anyone so obviusly do i need someone to share all my thoughts with right?!?! And I love to share my whole life with everyone on internet so i thought,- go for it girl!!! 

Heres some pics from one of my days in Hamburg and you might think "where the hell is the sharpness in these pictures?!?" Well if you do,- don´t worry!! I am thinking the same thing. You see I have barerly not been using photoshop for like.. three year+ now and thougt "Oh I only gonna save the pics as the org. size" Wasnt the smartest choise. Well well, i can get it fixed later on. Maybe. I might be to lazy.

Btw! This was as you can see a really grey and rainy day and UNFORTANLY did i forget charge my batterys for the next day, when it eas sunny, so I did not get many sunshine picutres from Hamburg :( Anyway, I hope that someone out there will be happy over the fact that im back, enjoy!! XOXO


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