Croatia - Dubrovnik pt. 1

Evening guys! I am still sick so I don´t have any fun updates (lol as i would if I werent sick? Probably not :)) so i thought I could show you some pictures from my trip in Croatia,- more specifik Dubrovnik this summer! It was a pretty spontaneus trip, like I had plan to go somewhere but not really decided where and ended up booking everything just a day before with absolutely no thoughts on Croatia from the beginning. But guys, damn, so worth it! Even tho I only stayed in Dubrovnik, which did suprise pretty much everyone I met haha.. 

You see Dubrovnik itself is a pretty small place so you will see everything within a few days, which I had no idea about. But luckily theres loads of things to do nearby, like supernice Islands you can visit and day trips to Montenegro and Serbia, etc. 

It had everything I wanted for that trip, some places to explore, other more relaxing places, a lil bit or party and so on. Also met so many cool people during my 8 days here and stayed in the best  hostel ever, "The city place guesthouse" ,100% recommend to stay there if you are there!! I have loads of more pictures, mostly from my camera but I havent edited them jet so they will come up sometime in the future. AND BTW!! How nice wouldnt it be to visit some place like this right now?!?! Gasshh i miss the summer :(


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