Bastard burgers


Hey!! Not much have been going on in my life since last, a friend from Finland, Emma, was here two weekends ago, we went out, ate some nice food etc. Celebrated christmas a lil bit and went out on Christmas day (which is a really big thing here in Sweden) and that is about it hahah. Been working loads so havent had much energy for other things. Currently sick for the second time within one month, ugh... been sleeping and watching movies all day. Btw i just watch a movie called "We are never goin´back" which was pretty good, I recommend,  I recommend!

Well I hve absoolutely nothing fun to write about cause im ded af, just wanned to show a pic on some really tasty burgers!! Which doesnt look tasty on the pic but well :))) Cheeeers!! XOXO  


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