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Hola amigos! Long time no see. Been over a year ago since I wrote something last time! I actually started a new blog in december, wrote three post and that was the end of that blog hahah. This year have been crazy and TOTALLY life changing, I want to write everything now!!! But There is a lot off things I want to explain to my la familia before I write about it here to be honest. Life changing things will obviously make changes in this blog as well.. One, as you can see, that I am gonna write in english from now on. My english is not perfect but I am pretty sure you will be able to understand me well anyway. Also more about the beautiful, but crazy, thing we call life. And I got loads off pictures! The most off them are unfortunately taken with my phone tho so as you can see is the quality pretty shitty. 

So like.. I dont even know where to start to be honest with you all. Can tell you short about the year that have been passing by.. Finished my farmwork, travelled around for three months ish, worked in some roadhouses but none off them worked out so ended up in Melbourne and been here pretty much since then, went on a westcoast trip as well tho. But SO much other things have been happening!! OMG. Had a huge step up followed by a huge horrible storm. Horrible but good. Like I use to say to others, If there is always sunshine after rain, imagine then after a huge storm.. you get me? I have learned so damn much and are still learning and the reason until why I am back here is because I have always been really open about everything, to everyone and I have so much things I want to share with everyone now. Earlier in my life did I  often feel like it would be the wrong thing to do "people will think you are to open Johanna". But then I realised two things:

1. It's absolutely nothing wrong with it, I even think that its a good thing. We should be more open about things and in that way get rid off a lot of judge and a lot of other negative things in this world. I think that if everyone would be more open we all would become stronger,- together. 
2. The only thing that matters is your own opinion so If I want to be open about my life, why the fuck not? Go ahead and do whatever you want to do! Never ever think about what other people possible would think about you. 

A little bit messy post, but im so excited to write about everything hahah. I will try sort my brain out a little bit more until next time..Because I said there is many things I will have to wait with and everything kind goes hand in hand so.. But until then will I wrote more about my travels and so on! 





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