Postcards from Lokrum Island - Croatia



Did they ever tell you about all the beautiful things on earth?
Did they ever tell you about the love? 


Hey and happy new year everyone! My years eve were oright, started the evening of with food at Mattes place. More people pooped up before we went down to see the fireworks and then the evening kept on going.

Worked the rest of the week and during the weekend have I finally been sorting out my apartment a bit. Reorganized everything and cleaning every little corner, made stuff going from black back to brown, brown back to whit etc. Haha can u imagine for how long some things haven’t been cleaned for??? Uh.

Also started to look for some new jobs, which I should had done for a long time ago but I haven’t really seen the reason for it. I’m not happy at my job but I’m not really happy in Sweden overall anyway. I need a sun to keep myself actual happy, there’s no sun here during the most time of the year. But anyway, then I realized like “why am I making it even worse for myself?” I mean the least I can do is to get myself a job I’m happy about. Well I’m done rambling, gnight. XOXO

Croatia - Dubrovnik pt. 1

Evening guys! I am still sick so I don´t have any fun updates (lol as i would if I werent sick? Probably not :)) so i thought I could show you some pictures from my trip in Croatia,- more specifik Dubrovnik this summer! It was a pretty spontaneus trip, like I had plan to go somewhere but not really decided where and ended up booking everything just a day before with absolutely no thoughts on Croatia from the beginning. But guys, damn, so worth it! Even tho I only stayed in Dubrovnik, which did suprise pretty much everyone I met haha.. 

You see Dubrovnik itself is a pretty small place so you will see everything within a few days, which I had no idea about. But luckily theres loads of things to do nearby, like supernice Islands you can visit and day trips to Montenegro and Serbia, etc. 

It had everything I wanted for that trip, some places to explore, other more relaxing places, a lil bit or party and so on. Also met so many cool people during my 8 days here and stayed in the best  hostel ever, "The city place guesthouse" ,100% recommend to stay there if you are there!! I have loads of more pictures, mostly from my camera but I havent edited them jet so they will come up sometime in the future. AND BTW!! How nice wouldnt it be to visit some place like this right now?!?! Gasshh i miss the summer :(

Split - Reminder - Self

Autumn by the lake

Sorry not sorry for the quality, they are taken with my iphone 5S (as the most of my pics nowdays btw) so i mean cant expect to much ;) But how beautiful isn´t this place?!

Bastard burgers


Hey!! Not much have been going on in my life since last, a friend from Finland, Emma, was here two weekends ago, we went out, ate some nice food etc. Celebrated christmas a lil bit and went out on Christmas day (which is a really big thing here in Sweden) and that is about it hahah. Been working loads so havent had much energy for other things. Currently sick for the second time within one month, ugh... been sleeping and watching movies all day. Btw i just watch a movie called "We are never goin´back" which was pretty good, I recommend,  I recommend!

Well I hve absoolutely nothing fun to write about cause im ded af, just wanned to show a pic on some really tasty burgers!! Which doesnt look tasty on the pic but well :))) Cheeeers!! XOXO  

Hamburg pt. 1

Long time no see! As usual.. tihi. I´ve actually been on my way to start blogging again many, many, many times since my last post here. I have started up new blogs and blogged at old ones. I´ve wanted to start blogging again for a while now but wanned to wait until things became a little bit more calm. I mean my life is really damn boring atm and I´ve just moved to Morgongåva, a place with like 1000 citenzies and I dont know anyone so obviusly do i need someone to share all my thoughts with right?!?! And I love to share my whole life with everyone on internet so i thought,- go for it girl!!! 

Heres some pics from one of my days in Hamburg and you might think "where the hell is the sharpness in these pictures?!?" Well if you do,- don´t worry!! I am thinking the same thing. You see I have barerly not been using photoshop for like.. three year+ now and thougt "Oh I only gonna save the pics as the org. size" Wasnt the smartest choise. Well well, i can get it fixed later on. Maybe. I might be to lazy.

Btw! This was as you can see a really grey and rainy day and UNFORTANLY did i forget charge my batterys for the next day, when it eas sunny, so I did not get many sunshine picutres from Hamburg :( Anyway, I hope that someone out there will be happy over the fact that im back, enjoy!! XOXO


Belive it or not but on monday this week did I take the flight back home again, arrived tuesday evening. And? It feels so damn wierd. And depressing. I thought things would feel a bit better if I came home but nah, probably just feel even worse now to be honest. I guess the fact is that you cannot run away from your feelings, it doesn´t work like that. I left as a happy and positive person and came back as a fucking mess. I had a great time tho, I wont say no to that, not at all. But it´s like I immidetaily feeling trapped in the same old as before, incluseive the feelings I have now so it all just feels even worse. I were looking forward to finally have my own room, after been sharing for two fucking years, I needed some space.. But taking over what used to be my little sisters room makes me feel so.. sick. Its small, dark and with windows facing the next apartment builidings windows. And Im feeling silly for even complainig about it, I should be happy about just having my own room again but no.. 

Soso many times have I thought about going back home, kept on going back and forward about it, kept on wondering if it really would be the right descision. I´m honestly so happy that I stayed everytime before. This time did it not really matter, my visa runs out in a few weeks anyway so whatever. Oh well I am here now and I will try do the best of the situiation. Probably wont stay for to long... 

Great ocean road

Hiii!! Noticed now, which is like two months later that the text disippeard in this post hehe. Anyway, some pics from when we took the car out to the middle of nowhere, freezed to death and took a trip to the great ocean road the next day which were great!! Didnt go to the typical place people are going to but got a chanse to feed some birds at the koala cafe, saw some koalas and visited Johanna beach where we were lucky to see two whole rainbows at the same time! Belive me, it was soooo beautiful irl!!

Why I love Byron bay..

Here is some pictures from one of my favourite places in Australia,- Byron bay. Pretty tiny place filled up with hippie people. The place is magical, and I really mean magical when I say it.. And there is definitely reasons for it. Anyway, here is a few reasons why to love the place..

Pretty much everyday does this man creating all these prints in the sand, with a BROME!! Different ones everyday. I wish I would had been speaking with him and asked him where he gets his inspiration from but i never did.. Anyway, can you see how perfectly made they are? And they are huge! 

Amazing sunsets pretty much everyday! Trust me this is a really bad picture of the sunset that night

Amazing walks, nature, beaches and views! These two pictures are taken up at the lighthouse in Byron bay, on your way up and up there can you also spot the humpwhales in the water during their season, pretty cool! 

You will see a lot off street artists and a lot of cool small shops that you wont be able to find any elsewhere. Yeah sure, there is small shops and street artists everywhere in Australia but eh... I actually bought a present to my grandma from the dude on the left pic, we talked a bit and he ended up giving me one more for free! How kind??? And  the last thing! Every night when the sunset sets in do they have a drumshow down at the beach. The energy and the vibe around this drumshow is absolutely amazing, so much love. So much freedom.

And it's just in general a pretty chilled place. I would like to say that Cairns is more chilled, which is one of my other favourite spots, but it's definitely more beautiful in Byon!
Will put up some more pictures in the future, got so many! Actually had a look at how many pictures I have been taken during these two years of traveling a little while ago and it was about 45 tousen so i got heaps to show you guys haha. Time for me to sleep now, gnight :)

Number 1

Hola amigos! Long time no see. Been over a year ago since I wrote something last time! I actually started a new blog in december, wrote three post and that was the end of that blog hahah. This year have been crazy and TOTALLY life changing, I want to write everything now!!! But There is a lot off things I want to explain to my la familia before I write about it here to be honest. Life changing things will obviously make changes in this blog as well.. One, as you can see, that I am gonna write in english from now on. My english is not perfect but I am pretty sure you will be able to understand me well anyway. Also more about the beautiful, but crazy, thing we call life. And I got loads off pictures! The most off them are unfortunately taken with my phone tho so as you can see is the quality pretty shitty. 

So like.. I dont even know where to start to be honest with you all. Can tell you short about the year that have been passing by.. Finished my farmwork, travelled around for three months ish, worked in some roadhouses but none off them worked out so ended up in Melbourne and been here pretty much since then, went on a westcoast trip as well tho. But SO much other things have been happening!! OMG. Had a huge step up followed by a huge horrible storm. Horrible but good. Like I use to say to others, If there is always sunshine after rain, imagine then after a huge storm.. you get me? I have learned so damn much and are still learning and the reason until why I am back here is because I have always been really open about everything, to everyone and I have so much things I want to share with everyone now. Earlier in my life did I  often feel like it would be the wrong thing to do "people will think you are to open Johanna". But then I realised two things:

1. It's absolutely nothing wrong with it, I even think that its a good thing. We should be more open about things and in that way get rid off a lot of judge and a lot of other negative things in this world. I think that if everyone would be more open we all would become stronger,- together. 
2. The only thing that matters is your own opinion so If I want to be open about my life, why the fuck not? Go ahead and do whatever you want to do! Never ever think about what other people possible would think about you. 

A little bit messy post, but im so excited to write about everything hahah. I will try sort my brain out a little bit more until next time..Because I said there is many things I will have to wait with and everything kind goes hand in hand so.. But until then will I wrote more about my travels and so on!